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September 15, 2020


Premankur Bhattacharya
Technical Head

Today we have realized the realistic approach of this subject. Recent pandemic has proved the importance of interdisciplinary subject. This is closely related between all subjects to overcome all kinds of problem in our activities.  Today we learnt a new safety rules everywhere. Dear readers, do you think that Covid 19 is the only microorganism to challenge existence of human being? No sir. Science can do a lot. Either to keep our earth and ecosystem safe, healthy or can destroys. Human being chooses the right or wrong which has a great impact on earth. In this connection we know atom bomb- its positive and negative impact in civilization. Just think, Oncolytic Virus which is derived from Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HSV-1), Adenovirus (Ad), New Castle Disease Virus (NDV), and Reovirus (RV) is an wonderful invention of scientists to treat BRAIN TUMORS. Scientists have established that ONCOLYTIC VIRUS THERAPY which is utilized to infect and replicate in cancer cells in brain tumour without affecting other cells. THIS IS UTILIZATION OF SCIENCE FOR CIVILIZATION.

My words want to establish the usefulness of technological coordination for better living all times utilizing TECHNOLOGY COORDINATION TECHNOLOGY (TCT), a general awareness of interdisciplinary science that helps us to be more conscious in doing our best jobs all times.

Today, if I speak about a construction chemical product which is used before the recent pandemic, I should think of the modification of the product under the lens of microbiology and economy. In this connection I would like to present an example, SYLOCON® and AQUACRETE®. We know that both of the products are very popular in construction. SYLOCON® is a specially modified nano composite, which prevents as the only active waterproofing Nano composite, which prevents crack development in plaster and screed concrete. Users just utilize this product to solve a wide range of problems in construction. Many engineers use this as cement based coating at project site. This is used to prevent the crack propagation in putty finished surface at a very low cost. I have seen engineers to use this as joint filler, low cost toilet and roof waterproofing system. This is popular for its zero rebound loss, which reduces the cost of man power. This is a nontoxic product.

Today the same technology is advanced to fight against the microbes too. Recently our scientists have made an unique modification of this technology. That has added another property of the product to fight against the microbes during the application of the product. That too is based on the available natural antimicrobial ingredients available in nature. While using this product, masons and other persons present in that one will be safe from antimicrobial attack. Our researchers have modified the product in such a way that during application of the product vat site, many negative charged molecules are evaporated immediately from the mix and those destroys the glycoprotein of virus. At the same time, the antimicrobial molecules are censored by our olfactory nerve. Our olfactory nerve is stimulated by those molecules. See the picture for better understanding.

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The Olfactory route is a sensitive path for virus entry into the central nervous system. Recently scientists have proved viruses can infect easily through this path. During mixing of modified SYLOCON, those molecules can reach our olfactory nerve faster than the virus. As well as those molecules create an atmosphere surrounding its application area so that microbes which are in suspension as an aerosol in the atmosphere are destroyed after interaction with the molecules. In fact, the antimicrobial molecules which comes out of SYLOCON, moves in air as an aerosol droplets. As a result a collision happens between microbe aerosol droplets in suspension and anti-microbial molecule droplets come out of SYLOCON.

The ultimate result is working in antimicrobial environment. This development in SYLOCON is designed by scientists following the recent pandemic. Because our scientists believe that in near future we have no idea about the mutated form of this virus and any other lock down virus.

Similarly another popular product AQUACRETE® is also developed following the same way to fight against virus threat at project site. Since 1993 masons are using both the products. Our scientists have carried out extensive research work on this issue and found the right solution to keep our end users safe and fee of fear against microbes because, the workers and site engineers are not in a position to concentrate properly due to presence or absence of this unknown enemy. So, this modification was necessary.

I appreciate, because of this successful understanding of TECHNOLOGY COORDINATION TECHNOLOGY (TCT). In this connection I would like to mention very strongly that technology has an important role to design itself as per condition. Any product should consider the other aspects today.

Our health is the only backbone of our advance civilization. There should not be any compromise to disturb or destroy ourselves by any nuisance creating factor. Today we all are much more conscious. Even we were not habituated to use alcohol for our disinfection. This was popular for drinking only. No worker could think of the good quality drinking water.

Day to day changes is appearing to make us more conscious. We believe that our scientists in good faith and with strong goodwill are able to encounter any type of problem following TECHNOLOGY COORDINATION TECHNOLOGY ( TCT ).

Economical point of view is important in construction industry. We follow the safety rules very strictly to support our health as well as economy. In this year we all are in a position to reduce the overall expenditure to control our economy. All the projects are planned based on a budget. This is very difficult to carry out the job, if our budget exceeds the limit. From economical point of view, we cannot increase the cost of work. Today as health concern is sensitively associated with our activities, many new tools are purchased which were not included in our budget. So, construction chemical should be designed to reduce its cost with additional benefits. SYLOCON and AQUACRETE system are successful to serve this today. Zero rebound loss and antimicrobial working atmosphere has reduced the man power cost without increasing product cost. As well as AQUACRETE and SYLOCON together can reduce all extra waterproofing cost in construction. This is calculated that the products can reduce waterproofing cost up to 30 % than any other method. If we consider health benefits and fearless activities of workmen and engineers the saving is truly more.

To be continued————–

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